Bonuses and promotions do not stop after Welcome Bonuses at Online Casinos. A reload bonus is an excellent opportunity to extend your bankroll and a bonus that loyal players can often get their hands on. Players do demand these reload bonuses right after welcome bonuses usually however it is a hassle to find a trustworthy casino with generous reload bonuses. You won’t find generous and gambler-friendly reload bonuses at every casino because of that we will be promoting the most generous reload bonuses from the most trustworthy online casinos around the world.

Of course, there are a few things you gotta know before claiming these bonuses. For starters, they come with a few terms and conditions! You have to read the terms and conditions before you start using these bonuses if you do not want any surprises during the withdrawal process. That is exactly what we will be helping you with at this point.

1. What is a Reload Bonus?

Reload bonus is a bonus offered by Online Casinos to the players who have deposited before. The type of reload bonuses might change in every Online Casino. Some might give daily great deals like Spassino some might offer generous weekly and monthly top-up deals like Gold Dino Casino and some might even give it on a specific day of the week on weekly basis. This of course changes in every Online Casino although if you click on the promotion page on the Online Casino you will be able to find out their reload bonus deals with their own terms and conditions.

2. How does Reload Bonus works?

Reload Bonuses works in several ways as we have mentioned.

– Weekly Reload Bonus
– Monthly Reload Bonus
– Daily Reload Bonus
– Reload Bonuses for a specific day of the week for example Wednesday.

Regardless of the type of the reload bonus their logic is pretty simple. For example, let’s say that your chosen online casino site has a Weekly 50% reload bonus. That means the casino will provide you with a 50% bonus, once every week when you do your deposit. For example, Gold Dino Casino does that. They are giving a 50% weekly reload bonus up to 250€ once every week when you deposit.

Another type of Reload Bonus is the monthly one. A monthly Reload Bonus is more like a welcome bonus. It is a loyalty bonus for the players of the casino. Again Gold Dino has an amazing example of it. They are giving a 100%, YES a 100 % monthly reload bonus once in a month when you place your deposit.

Reload Bonus might come daily too! Some casinos give on a particular day of the week. For example, Tuesdays although this is not a daily reload bonus really. Quite literally it is a weekly reload bonus in reality. However, there are casinos like Spassino too! Spassino offers a 15%-30% bonus with every deposit! Yes with your every deposit. A 15% reload bonus at your Skrill and Neteller deposits and a 30 % reload bonus at your crypto deposits will be waiting for you at Spassino with your every deposit.

Gold Dino Casino also has a 30 % Crypto Reload Bonus with your every deposit!!! Yes, you will get a 30% crypto deposit bonus at your every deposit to Gold Dino Casino!

Gold Dino
Furthermore, Spassino and Gold Dino are offering these great reload bonuses with the most gambler-friendly wagering requirements and Terms & Conditions. However, it will be always safe to double-check the T&C and wagering requirements before claiming a reload deposit bonus. It might not be your cup of tea or it might be just for you if you are fond of slot games!

How can I claim a Reload Bonus? 

First of all, you should check the terms and conditions of the Reload Bonus. What is the minimum deposit amount? What are the wagering requirements? After being sure that you met these requirements and you are okay with the wagering policy you have to deposit at least the minimum amount in order to claim your bonus. Depending on your casino it might be added automatically or you might have to contact live chat and you can claim it via customer support. Both Spassino and Gold Dino Casinos are offering 7×24 live chat. Their customer support is kind and fast. They are always there for you! So if you have doubts better contact customer support directly.


  • Bonus Funds. You will get a percentage of what you have deposited as a bonus just like Gold Dino Casino does.
  • Free Spin Reload Bonuses. Some online casinos are giving free spins on trending games as a form of reload bonus.
  • Reload Bonuses on a special or particular day. It is given like the first one as on percentage but on a particular or special day.
  • Payment method  Reload Bonuses. Some online casinos like Gold Dino and Spassino are offering a 30% reload bonus on every crypto deposit for example. It is a bonus you can utilize only if you have deposited with that payment method.


+ Extends your balance and bankroll and you might have longer and more profitable gaming sessions.
+ Sometimes Reload Bonuses might come with free spins.
+ Might help you get more loyalty points.

– Wagering requirements.
Terms and Conditions. Since it is a free money bonus it might be per IP address / per person. Read the T&C before claiming.
Minimum and Maximum deposit limits.


1. Welcome Bonuses can be claimed only ONCE on the other hand Reload Bonuses can be claimed regularly.

2. There are usually more terms and conditions applying for welcome bonuses if you compare them to reload bonuses.

3. Reload Bonuses are easier to claim generally.

Here on this website, our main purpose is promoting you the fair online casinos with the best Reload Bonuses. Above we have promoted the most gambler-friendly reload bonuses from Spassino and Gold Dino!!! These are both fair, trustworthy online casinos that you can deposit with closed eyes. They are quite popular with fast cash-outs. Many players are attracted by these Reload Bonuses. It gives players the opportunity for extending their bankroll. Moreover having a little reward every time you deposit is not a bad deal after all!